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What makes The Synced Solution different?

Synced is the only product available that will save districts considerable time and money by providing a one-stop system featuring:
  • A pre-loaded and completely customizable curriculum map of the scope (how much time to spend) and sequence (what order to teach) the CCSS.
  • A pre-loaded set of measurable objectives for each Common Core State standard in English Language Arts and Mathematics.
  • Curriculum-Embedded Assessments that are perfectly matched to assess the CCSS in the same order as The Synced Solution's Course Sequence.
  • Easy to use, appealing software application that makes a challenging task more manageable through elegant technology.
  • Easily accessible lessons specifically designed to meet Common Core requirements and aligned to a district's current instructional materials.
  • Searchable Common Core resource library that includes district texts and district suggested readings, links, documents, and videos.
  • A platform for district-wide, grade-level teams to record their work as they design a new Common Core Curriculum.
  • A dynamic calendar that pushes the pacing guide out to all users.
  • Access to standard learning progressions across grade levels. Users can quickly see how the standard progresses in complexity from grades K-12, how often standards are taught in a year, and when each standard will be assessed.

The Synced Solution

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